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Levi Strauss

An independent contractor with Levi Strauss.  Experience working on B2B eCommerce site.  Software expertise in SAP Commerce (Hybris), Pegasystems (CX).

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JAG Industrials

Worked as Head of Product for JAG Industrials.  Managed, scaled and delivered a development team for all of product.  Built and maintained custom portal, admin portal, and smartphone application.  Setup Shopify store, integrated with warehouse APIs and products.  Setup Amazon store and integreated with Shopify.  Gathered requirements, built stories, and ran the sprint cycles.  Implemented new requirements template for business team to start using


Doherty General Contracting

Setup and created website for Doherty General Contacting.  Had it up and running in under a week on Wix.  Setup personalized email account for owner which connected to the website from inquiries.



Work on miscellaneous fiverr gigs.

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